Be Prepared for an Emergency Situation


In today’s times where man made or natural disasters are happening every day, the life is uncertain. We hear stories of earthquakes, hurricanes; tornadoes & storms where someone you know or you have seen had to act in an emergency situation. Besides these even social issues can cause survival situations for people. Such cases can be terror attack, civil unrest or even wars which come announced. Visit this site for more info .

In an emergency situation, you need to be ready for anything. You should already pre-plan your survival kit and keep it ready, just in case. Just like you need to plan for event in your life, this is also as important.At least the first 72 hours are critical and you might not be able to reach out to any public safety services until then.  Similarly they will also not be able to reach out to you.

Be prepared that there might not be any electricity, phone, water or even gas. This can affect all the normal things we do on a daily basis. It is important that you keep yourself and your family healthy & safe during these times.So, how should you prepare yourself for a disaster and what to carry with you when leaving out of your home.

Shelter & Clothing: The first thing after you have been evacuated from your current home is the shelter.In such a situation, where you are out in the open or in not very comfortable areas, you pack your bag pack. Ensure your bag pack carries a sleeping bag which is warm in case you are out in the cold, a spare pair of shoes & socks, appropriate clothing, woolens in case of cold weather, a knife, a torch and a raincoat. These items can come handy in case you are out in a place where you have wet your clothes or spoiled them in mud etc. You can find these kits on the website to order. You can choose what suits you the best.

Food & Water: Food and Water are the two most important ingredients to stock when you foresee any disaster. An emergency situation can last from a few days to even a couple of months before things get cleared up. You can look for bulk supplies of food that are non perishable or have an expiry date of over a few years. The food items should not require refrigeration or cooking. This is the safest bet.

There are also water pouches available which are light and easy to carry.When choosing the food, remember that a male adult needs 2500 calories and a female adult needs 2000 calories. Also don’t forget the children and pets. But keep your stock more than actual needs as during this time you will need more energy. When you visit the store, look for food and drinks that your family likes and would not mind depending on them for a long time. Food is the priority for keeping yourself and your family healthy during these trying times.

Our food pouches are nutritionally balanced meals and retain the taste and aroma of the food. The packing used is durable, and has five types of pouches. These food items are dehydrated so that you can use them for fairly long periods and are in light weight packs easy to dispose after use.

First Aid, Medicines: In the times of a disaster, there are high chances of infection and diseases. This can be due to contaminated water or bacteria in the environment. So, it is important that you have adequate stock of the medicines you and your family might need. Especially carry the ones for cold, flu, stomach upset, allergies, fever, vomiting and infections.Also keep enough first aid like a pair of gloves, a scissor, gauze packs, bandages, antiseptic creams, pain relief sprays or creams, balms and band aid etc.

Health, Sanitation, Hygiene:

Water Filters: There are light weight water filters available which can be carried along in your bag easily. You can use them with your bottle as well.

Hygiene Kit: You can also get a hygiene kit which has men and women kit. The Men’s kit includes Toothpaste, a Tooth Brush, a Triple Razor, a Nail Clipper, a Deodorant, a Shaving Cream, a Comb, Hand Sanitizers, Shampoos- body/bath and a Hand Lotion.  And the Women’s kit includes a Plastic Comb, a Hand & Body Lotion, a Toothbrush, Toothpaste, a Deodorant, two Anti-Bacterial Soaps, a Hand Sanitizer, a Pocket Tissue, three Moist Towelettes, and a Maxi Pad.You must also carry spare plastic garbage bags and napkins, tissues and liquid sanitizers in good enough quantity as they can come handy all the time.

Emergency Tools & Supplies

There are some important tools & supplies which should be in your kit as well. For e.g.  a couple of match boxes, disposable cups, plates & spoons, an extra blanket, a rope, foldable tent, a hammer, screw driver and a bottle opener.Every eight minute, the American Red Cross responds to an emergency. Which are almost 65000 disasters every year. They could be of different types. Besides if you are camping or traveling in any remote area a crisis can happen to you at any time and you could be at a risk. One must not wait and then try to handle this kind of situation. Better is to be prepared. You should have your back-up plan ready all the time when you are traveling out of your home.

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